Tips For Incorporating Graffiti Furniture Into Your Home

Using street art as a part of the interior design of a house or building is the latest trend that is sweeping across the world. A lot of people are jumping on this trendy bandwagon and the end result is quite impressive! As popular as these furniture designs are, a lot of people still haven’t heard about them. If you would like to add a bright, vibrantly colored and quirky element to your room then you do not need to look further than the graffiti furniture. Graffiti designs on furniture are original and spunky, therefore it adds a fun element to the room and even works as the highlight of the room! Unfortunately, for those who want to maintain the classic approach when it comes to interior designing, street art graffiti is a huge no-no for them, but if you like experimenting with new trends then you should surely try this one out!

If you’ve ever looked at vibrant graffiti colored walls and got lost in its beauty then you’d want to have this type of furniture adorning your room. When looking for cool pieces of graffiti design furniture you can start off online. Believe it or not, there are plenty of design brands involved in selling such furniture, therefore if you’re willing to loosen your purse strings then these are the ones to pick up.

If you’re not in the mood to splurge then you can shop at flea markets, budget e-stores and local artistic furniture stores and still pick up some extraordinary graffiti art furniture pieces! So keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid to scour the place, be it online or offline for furniture pieces that you like. Needless to say, you should set aside a good amount of time for hunting graffiti art furniture because these are not easily available, well at least the good ones aren’t! I have personally found great deals on websites like and One thing is that it can be expensive to have large furniture items packaged and shipping to you economically. For this, I use a service called that specialize in furniture shipping and tend to have the best rates.

If you’re not interested in buying graffiti furniture or if you have a limited budget then you can choose the alternative solution: DIY graffiti art furniture. Making your own graffiti art furniture is not difficult, you just need some spray cans, paint brushes (optional) and of course a powerhouse of creative juices! For beginners, it is always good to start off on a piece of white furniture as this provides a neutral backdrop or canvas, which would make your artistic swirls and strokes really stand out.

If you’re having trouble with creating the design and it is really hard to get your creative juices flowing and your imagination running wild then you can turn to 3D computer designs for assistance with the designing process. There are also plenty of websites out there that offers really good inspirations for those contemplating to make their own graffiti art furniture. Pinterest is a useful website to count on, you will have plenty of inspirations from fellow graffiti art furniture lovers here, which you can incorporate into your own DIY furniture. Anyone can put regular furniture in their homes, but putting graffiti art furniture really takes courage and the willingness to embrace the quirkiness!

Mind Blowing Graffiti Designs For Your Furniture

It’s always a good idea to be different or try something different with your home décor. Graffiti furniture could be an idea you have never heard of or you have seen it somewhere but never actually tried out. It’s cool, fresh and will give your home a whole new look you have never imagined.

So, how do you go about getting graffiti inspiration for your furniture? What should guide you is the kind of theme you want to achieve and where the furniture will be placed. You may want relaxed subtle colors for your living room and your kids may want to go with something colorful and street-like for the bedrooms.

Graffiti Ideas for Kids Furniture

Your kid’s age should guide you on the graffiti ideas they want. Young tots would love bright colors on their bed, or study desk. Try incorporating their favorite cartoon characters in the graffiti—batman, superman or dead pool for the boys and Cinderella, power puff girls or Hanna Montana for the ladies. Kids around the age of 12, or older, can choose their own design and themes for their graffiti art bedroom. They are likely to borrow inspiration from street graffiti art or something more sophisticated from the internet.

Graffiti Ideas for Your Living room

Given the common belief that graffiti is something for the youth, it is understandable that you may be clueless on what to try out with. However, there are great urban art ideas you can try that will still leave a sophisticated and lasting impression on your modern furniture.

1) Back Chair Graffiti

To play it safe and still embrace urban art, you can throw in some graffiti on the back part of your couch and chairs. These are areas that are rarely in view when seated with guests but the peaking graffiti on the chair’s arms will definitely raise the curiosity to explore. Such a graffiti idea can work on a wooden, iron cast, and even leather sofa.

2) Graffiti on Poof or Chair Pillows

This is an even more conservative way to do it if you don’t want to touch your chairs entirely. You can have the pillow cover custom made with graffiti urban drawings. Abstract art is the best way to go for a relaxed yet sophisticated look. There is plenty of abstract inspiration out there like abstract faces, trees, Picasso impressions, music, famous figures or even black and white impressions.

3) Graffiti Writing

Graffiti writing is an even simpler and easy way to embrace urban art on your modern furniture. You can try out famous quotes or sayings on your living room wall unit, lamp stands or the coffee table. You can borrow religious writings as inspiration for decoration as well, anything that fancies you to create a contemporary urban art décor.

Graffiti furniture can be a really amazing look in your house if you have a clear idea how to go about it. You can borrow the above ideas to start you off or get more inspiration from websites like Pinterest and

Graffiti Furniture: Street Art Moves Indoors In New Design Expressions

Graffiti was once considered to be visual vandalism perpetrated by delinquents and deemed a nuisance and an eyesore. What many saw as a low form of self-expression by thugs without talent, many others lauded as valuable street art. In more recent times, graffiti as street art has become one of the most celebrated forms of folk art in the art world. This newborn graffiti love has led to new products that bring street art designs indoors in the form of graffiti furniture pieces.

Some furniture companies who specialize in contemporary and urban furnishings have commissioned famous street artists to lend their designs to tables, desks, sofas and chairs. Fashion forward companies are offering goods that meld both modern designs with classic street art to create a new genre of home décor. Whereas graffiti art has heretofore been very definitely created on the canvas of urban streets, now trendsetters may include their own graffiti in their home.

The look of a little graffiti can go a long way. This bold, bright and colorful art style can be overwhelming in large doses, so if you are not absolutely in love with it then it is better to start with a piece or two as accent furniture to liven up your rooms and serve as a great conversation piece. Luis Alicandu is one of today’s graffiti artists who designed a furniture set reflecting his style. Ariel Zuckerman and Eran Shimshovic of Tel Aviv combine the world of furniture making and vibrant Israeli street life in a popular line of high-end, one-of-a-kind furniture.

Burke & HazeldenLisa Burke, an upholsterer, paint finishing expert and interior designer, joined forces with design partner Matt Hazelden to create a furnishing brand that is one of today’s hippest. Burke & Hazelden combines contemporary art, luxury furniture and a helping of punk attitude to create their limited edition pieces of innovative graffiti furniture. Using the aesthetics of graffiti styles, forms and symbols is becoming a popular new area of furniture design.

Graffiti furnishings are the perfect for do-it-yourself person to experiment with to add personal touches and statement pieces to their homes. Go to yard and garage sales or thrift stores to find sturdy chairs, nightstands, accent and coffee tables, bookcases and dressers or desks to paint and decorate with your own graffiti. This is a wonderful project to do with children, especially to create a piece for their bedrooms. For upholstered chairs, sofas, or loveseats recover them in canvas material and enjoy designing your own graffiti for their new look.

Do you need ideas for graffiti? Add some drippy paint in bright colors over a neutral base coat. Paint a few words across the front on a diagonal or on the sides and top. Less is more to begin with, to avoid going scribble crazy. You can always add more graffiti but cannot erase it without completely repainting your piece. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It is an art form and you create what you like. If you’re really timid about trying this, start with a white lamp shade and see how that turns out.

Modern contemporary design welcomes new approaches to furnishing interiors and even welcomes a touch of the eccentric. Graffiti catches the eye and the attention because of its brightness and originality. Put your own unique stamp on your home by expressing yourself through street art you display in your home.

Video – Graffiti Room Decorating Ideas

Sometimes, when we have time to kill, we like to surf around the Internet to find cool ideas for using graffiti to decorate our home. Today, we found this video that shows off some pretty interesting designs that will help get your creative juices flowing.


Our Favorite Pinterest for Graffiti Furniture

When it comes to images and art, Pinterest is the place to go and we have our favorite place for graffiti furniture right here:

If you are looking for that next great idea to for your new diner table, patio furniture or dresser, you’ll be amazed at the design ideas you’ll get from this one site. From black and white to goth to romper room color, this Pinterest board has it all. Check out this image from their board…



One of our most loved graffiti furniture pieces is the one that is designed for everyone to sign it. Look at how cool it is after about 10,000 people wrote on it. You can click on the image below and add it to your board too.